Why Ragros?

Ragros is an international foreign trade company that meets its customers’ needs as soon as possible and offers commercial opportunities to its customers by using its resources efficiently.

Distribution and Service Network

It is possible to produce private label/packaged products, with the advantage of not being limited to a specific supplier or brand for any category, the supply of products whose quality is approved by the Turkish Standards Institute.

Private Label

We produce private label/packaged products (with private label logo) for any category, without being limited to a specific supplier or brand, in accordance with the criteria determined by our customers.

Group Companies


Your Business Partner in Turkey

With more than 400 employees in our group, our monthly shipment organization ability of 60.000 boxes and 10.000 pallets, and our 9 main distribution centers with a total storage area of 18,877 m2 in Turkey, we have the opportunity to ship boxed or fresh vegetables, fruits and fish delicatessen products to our customers.


Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

While Ragros opens Turkish brands to the world, it also provides consultancy services to brands aiming to enter the Turkish market.