Distribution and
Service Network

It is possible to produce private label/packaged products, with the advantage of not being limited to a specific supplier or brand for any category, the supply of products whose quality is approved by the Turkish Standards Institute.

Why Ragros?

According to the nature of the requested products;

  • We ensure that the products are analyzed during the production process.
  • We have the opportunity to label and package our products in different languages.
  • We supply the highest quality products of market leading brands in Turkey.
  • We pay attention to creating product features that comply with the regulations.
  • We ensure that all products comply with Seymenoğlu Group technical specifications.
  • All manufacturers and suppliers we cooperate with are inspected according to IFS FOOD GM&IFS HPC GM standards.
  • We only cooperate with internationally accredited auditors.
  • We select our auditors according to sectoral legislation and past audit experience.
  • Random supplier audits are conducted every year.

Group Companies