Consultancy Services

While Ragros opens Turkish brands to the world, it also provides consultancy services to brands aiming to enter the Turkish market.

Commercial and Legal Consultancy

We manage Turkey’s legal processes with our expert staff and manage the legal procedures on your behalf. We also produce solutions in both import and export fields.

Market and Competitor Analysis

By explaining the factors affecting regional competition and purchasing preferences, we analyze your competitors in the sectors you plan to sanction and report whether your brand creates an opportunity for Turkey.

Sales Forecast Based on Sales Channel

We analyze sales channels, explain the working dynamics of each channel, report the successful applications of the channels in increasing sales, and create sales forecasts on a time plan.

Marketing and Promotion

Ragros Foreign Trade S.A. offers consultancy services that can provide all the services they need for the Turkish market, such as marketing and promotion planning.

With the power it receives from the group companies and its expert team, Ragros Foreign Trade S.A. has the ability to bring together brands that aim to enter the Turkish market with the strong sales organizations of our country and to manage the sales and marketing organization on behalf of the brands.