Private Label

We produce private label/packaged products (with private label logo) for any category, without being limited to a specific supplier or brand, in accordance with the criteria determined by our customers.

Private Label
Product Supply Process

  • Top Sales Coverage.
    Domestic and international sales and trends are analyzed every year to cover all needing units.
  • A guaranteed competitive environment is created with the cooperation of our solution partners.
  • Over 450+ products with 100% sales price index are supplied in the Turkish market.
  • Competitive retail sales price analyses are made about the regional markets requested by our customers.
  • A weekly domestic price comparison is made for the products to be supplied.
  • Product quality assurance is provided during the production process of the requested products.


  • We cooperate with international laboratories for product tests.
  • Random product analysis before and after launch is performed according to the determined product features.
  • All laboratories we have agreements with (Merieux, SGS, etc.) have ISO 17025 certification.
  • Apart from those mentioned above, laboratories requested by our customers can be cooperated with for our product analyses.

Our Private Label Categories

Product Category Number of products
Dry Food 176
Spice 36
Breakfast Food 33
Organic Food 37
Snacks 21
Rice 11
Sauces 13
Pickles 6
Oils 7
Flours 12
Pastas 14
Soups 19
Personal Care 66
Make-Up 25
Hygienic Products 18
Body Care 10
Hair Care 8
Dental Care 4
Facial Care 1
Hygienic Paper 2
Baby Care 9
Kitchen Products 8
Dishwashing Products 6
Garbage Bag 3
Cleaning Products 39
Surface Cleaning Products 21
Laundry Products 13
Self-Service 36
Household Appliances 22
Iron 4
Disposable 2
Tea 24
Coffee 17