Prestigious Products
in Safe Hands

We trust our products and stand by our customers after sales.


Purchasing Process

As Ragros; We supply our products directly from local manufacturers, suppliers, or business partners.  In addition, we have adopted the principle of always offering the best product/price alternatives for our customers. For this reason, in our cooperation with our customers, we have a purchasing procedure in which third parties are not involved, competitiveness is at the forefront and orders are received from a single point.

We provide product quality assurance due to the reliable solution partners we have. In addition, we are ready to answer and assist our customers with our 100% Turkish products from various suppliers and our dedicated customer representatives.



FMCG Products
  • Breakfast Items
    (Olives, Jam, Nutella)
  • Dry food
    (Bulgur, Rice, Oil, Tomato Paste, Soups, Pickles)
  • Pasta and Noodles
    (Barilla Pasta and Noodle Varieties)
  • Snacks
    (KitKat, Haribo, Kinder Joy, Mars, Twix, Snickers, Albeni, Laliva, Metro,)
  • Meal Preparation


Cosmetics/Cleaning Products
  • Household Cleaning Products
    (Breaf Toilet Block, Surface Cleaners)
  • Laundry Products
    (Persil Powder Detergent Types, Perbol, Ariel, Yumoş, ABC Detergent Types)
  • Cosmetics
    (Deo Rollon, Deodorant, Cologne)
  • Hygienic Products
    (Sleepy Diapers, Pampers Diapers, Kotex Sanitary Pads)
  • Personal Care Products
    (Toothpaste, Head&Shoulders, Elseve, Johnson Baby)
  • Dish Washing Products
    (Finish Tablet, Fairy Tablet types)


Cold Drinks
  • Mineral Waters
    (Sarıkız, Beypazarı, Uludağ)
  • Fizzy Drinks
    (RedBull, Coca-Cola)
  • Cold Teas
    (Ice Tea Types)


Hot Drinks
  • Teas
    (Tea Types)
  • Coffees
    (Turkish Coffee, Instant Coffee, Nescafe Types)